Owl Eyes


After creating an enormous local buzz, passionate fanbase and an air of mystery in her short career, twenty-two year old singer / songwriter Owl Eyes (aka Brooke Addamo) continues the intrigue and delivers her first full-length project;’Nightswim’. A remarkably deep, ultra-modern, vibrant collection, ‘Nightswim’ not only showcases Brooke’s signature pop sensibilities and sublime taste, it frmly establishes her as one of music’s brightest and most innovative songwriters.

Walking the line between light and shade, night and day, strength and struggle, the album is a stirring assortment of densely layered, progressive jams that only adds to the ongoing tale that is this young career. Spanning eleven new tracks of sprawling synthpop, including the brilliant nostalgia of first single ‘Closure’, the slick, Scandinavian attitude of‘Hurricane’ and Italo-disco stylings of title track ‘Nightswim’, Owl Eyes has managed to fashion a diverse yet cohesive record, bonded by its bold, emotive songwriting and dynamic production.

Formed in collaboration with a small but powerful group of creative partners – the recent ARIA Award-winning Styalz Fuego (Producer of the Year), frequent collaborator Jan Skubiszewski and emerging Perth producer Cameron Parkin – ‘Nightswim’ displays a distinct growth and development from Brooke’s previous efforts, a coming of age record that indicates she has discovered herself as both person and artist.

With three successful EPs (2010′s ‘Faces’, 2011′s ‘Raiders’, 2012′s ‘Crystalised’), years of relentless touring and multiple triple j Hottest 100 appearances under her belt, ‘Nightswim’ has been a long time coming. It was definitely worth the wait.